Neon Love Story

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Hello again! Back with a little self directed side project her. So lately I've been appreciating the neon sign work pf one of my favourite bands, The 1975, and decided to collect a few neon images of my own. I just love the aesthetic quality the lights have and the simplicity yet impact they have. I've always wanted to work in neon but obviously glass blowing and shaping isn't a skill I have under my belt.

I hope in the close future to be able to focus on a bit of light work, similar to the work of Dan Flavin, Joseph Kosuth and Tracy Emin to name a few! (Check this out: 10 Artists Who Work With Neon)  I find this a beautiful way to create line, as well as shadows and tones, and would adore the opportunity to work in this medium. What it's like to want eh?? :D

But yes, so I have collected a few neon signs as possible future inspiration, you never know what my future projects will bring so fingers crossed!

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  1. These are beautiful pictures. I always liked neon lights but this post made me appreciate them more. I think my favorite neon signs are the ones that have over lapping colors (like the standard OPEN sign which has red and blue neons) which you see almost in every gas station in the States.
    Great post :)


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