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I'm not too big on labels, if you get me? People are people not food packaging or items of clothing on a rail. But throughout my life there has been one label for myself that has stuck. Art. The artsy one.

This is my main defining feature and I am more than proud to be known as 'That girl who can draw' or 'You know, the arty one?'. I did for a time wonder if that's all I was but I know creativity, art and design are my passion and I have come to discover, it is me.

So after lets say some trial blog attempts I have decided to create this platform for sharing my work, ideas, fashion inspiration, study life and general interests with you wrapped up in a nice chronological fashion!

I am currently an art student perusing my dreams and going onto higher education in order to break into the art and design industry.

Whew that was a little formal wasn't it?

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