Absolutely food obsessed lately!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

So since the new year began, I told myself I would eat healthier and less, like many of us do. But like the many who have fallen before me that obviously hasn't happened. Like seriously hasn't happened. Like it's worse than before Christmas. Yeah, that bad.

But alas in the wake of this extreme over-eating I have discovered some new flavours I hadn't yet come across in my journey across the taste buds. (Am I a food blogger yet? ;) ) as my student loan came in, me and my friends thought we would treat ourselves (repeatedly) to some food other than bacon and noodles.

When we first came back we decided on a good ol' fashioned Pizza Hut. Basic but beautiful. The name of the pizza escapes me but we had the evening menu, mine loaded with chicken, BBQ, mushrooms, cheese and all the good stuff. And we can't say no to some sides either can we?

I believe we then were adventurous and ordered The Beefy Boys Takeaway (which I didn't even know existed!) . The Beefy Boys is an awesome burger place here in Hereford and if you are ever around I would totally recommend trying it because I swear to god it is crafted by angels. I ordered The Blue Boy which consisted of a beef patty, American & Swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce, onion, gherkin, pickled jalapeños (I didn't have these though) and blue cheese sauce. Literally the juiciest, meatiest, most flavoursome burger I have ever consumed! (the photo doesn't do it justice trust me!!)


They also have the cutest takeout bags too! (excuse my messy countertop..)

Now last but certainly not least, was my first ever visit to Wagamama. As someone from the countryside, I rarely get the opportunity to eat at chain restaurants, and even rarer Asian-inspired & Japanese ones. As someone who absolutely loves the tiny taste of this cuisine I have had, I was so excited to try this place and certainly wasn't disappointed.

Though excited I was slightly intimidated by the immense choice and flavours available, so stuck to something that seemed somewhat familiar, Shirodashi Ramen. This dish contained slow cooked pork belly, marinated in bulgogi sauce, on top of noodles in a rich chicken broth, with dashi and miso. Topped with pea shoots, menma, spring onions, wakame and half a tea-stained egg. Good heavens!

The whole experience was new, the communal tables and sitting next to strangers but this made it all the more interesting. Also the free green tea was amazing, kinda wish I never had a cloudy lemonade but that's life! (stole some of my human's tea, not a strangers don't worry!)

Well I'm certainly going to be a little heavier after this over indulging but damn trying some new things was definitely fun! I hope I haven't made you hungry, and I'll be back soon with a little bit more arty stuff as I am doing plenty (barely had time to write this post to be totally honest but for you guys ill sacrifice some time ;) ).

Back soon!!!

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  1. All this food looks so good! I told myself I would eat better too but there are just some things you can't pass up and say no too. The Ramen soup looks just yummy!

    1. Tell me about it! but the ramen sprouted an obsession, its all I'm eating now so not too bad ;)

  2. All that gorgeous food, I am so hungry now! haha. You have such a lovely blog here, you should be so proud of it.. keep up the wonderful work! x



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